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During these uncertain times, navigating Washington D.C.’s political sphere can be daunting. With a myriad of bills, public laws, and administrative regulations, companies and trade groups must be touching the pulse of Washington now more than ever. In this lightning-fast political climate, one cannot afford to stand idle while legislation is passed - often with detrimental effects to private parties. What happens in Washington’s world of politics and policy makes an impact on your business every day. With over two decades of experience, the Advocacy Group has the knowledge and network needed to make sure your interests don’t get thrown by the wayside.

With a combined experience of over twenty-five years in Government Affairs, the Advocacy Group has expertise in a variety of industries and fields. These diverse and unique skill sets allows the Advocacy Group to easily tackle the political maze of Washington, D.C., and accomplish hard objectives in the regulatory spheres of U.S. Administrative Agencies.

The Advocacy Group provides counseling and assistance in government relations and public affairs to U.S. and international businesses, universities, medical centers, trade associations, coalitions, individuals and government entities on a broad range of federal issues.


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